What is the “EmQ” Empathy Quotient?

At EmpathyWorks® we believe that empathy is a two-way communication process and that a reliable empathy measure must include the experience of the person with whom you are attempting to be empathic.

Currently most empathy measures are “self-reporting,” meaning you are asked to report on how you see yourself in response to others, without benefit of feedback from the recipient. EmpathyWorks® has created the EmQ, a non-self-reporting empathy measure, to help gauge your empathy skills.

How the EmQ works

  • The EmQ uses a series of short, scripted videos of two people interacting. We ask you to tune in and evaluate the inner experience of each individual in the vignette, then answer questions about what you think the characters are feeling, and the emotional impact they are having on each other.
  • Your personal EmQ score is generated by comparing your answers to a database of expert “best answers,” compiled from a panel of professional psychotherapists and psychoanalysts who viewed the same vignettes and offered their professional assessment of the depicted interpersonal dynamics. While there is no perfect or “correct” answer, some answers are better than others. As a result, we have established a range of “best” answers, in which your answers will fall and be scored comparatively. You can also see how your EmQ score compares to everyone else who has played the Bagging Groceries Empathy Game®.